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Box Wallet Bot

Box Wallet Bot is a very functional bot that allows you to perform many transactions just like in CEX.

What's in Box Wallet Bot?

  • Copytrade: With this functionality of the Box Wallet Bot, it allows you to perform the same transactions as a wallet that you want to copy transactions, at the same time.
  • Creating Limit Orders: You can create limit orders for all contracts in DEX to buy and sell when they reach the price you want. In this way, you can manage your transactions without being on the screen all the time, just like in CEX.
  • AI Integrated Buying and Selling Bot: Imagine that you are trading 24/7 and you leave every transaction harmlessly and profitably thanks to this feature of the bot. This service is offered to you by our trading bot. Thanks to the integration of artificial intelligence, it allows you to constantly fold your wallet by selling before every big purchase and before every big sale to maximize your profit by installing the bot at the contract address you want.
  • Catch the Pre-Sales: Thanks to this feature of the wallet, you can participate in all the pre-sales that you think you can't buy and that risk filling up quickly, and you can make a purchase before anyone else.